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Frank Field MP
Your MP for Birkenhead
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Food bank

Featured News

Press Release - 08 December 2014
A cross-party group of MPs and Peers, co-chaired by Frank Field MP, report today on an action plan to abolish hunger in the United Kingdom.

Latest from Frank

Article - Published in Wirral Globe - 04 March 2015
Wirral Globe
Frank Field said he has been contacted by several Birkenhead drivers expressing their concern about the petrol prices in the town, which, in some garages, has increased by up to ten pence per litre over the past ten days.
Press Release - 03 March 2015
Commons Chamber
Frank has written today to the head of the Competition and Markets Authority asking whether they will investigate the price of petrol across Merseyside.
Press Release - 02 March 2015
Commons Chamber
Santander has today been accredited as a Living Wage employer, meaning that 1,600 low-paid staff working in the bank’s branches and offices are set to receive fairer wages. Frank wrote to each of Britain’s main high-street banks in September encouraging them to ensure all staff – direct employees, third-party contractors and suppliers – working for them are paid the minimum of a Living Wage.
- Published in Church Times - 27 February 2015
Church Times
William Temple observed that, when the Church does politics successfully, it is not about the bishops saying something, but about the laity doing something. Feeding Britain has 77 recommendations, a third of which are already being put into action.
Press Release - 26 February 2015
Rip-Off Britain
The BP petrol station on Laird Street is set to ditch its rip-off cash machine, and replace it with a new free-to-use machine, following Frank's campaign
Article - Published in Standpoint Magazine - 25 February 2015
Commons Chamber
The word "crisis" is overused and never more so than in a long run-up to a general election. But if the next government expects it can run and finance the NHS on the existing model, then the NHS, as we know it, will cease to exist by 2020. I believe the sheer weight of circumstances will panic the government into radical reform.
Article - Published in Liverpool Echo - 20 February 2015
Liverpool Echo
The Birkenhead MP is pushing for a new “yellow card” system which would give people a better chance to explain themselves and not leave them without cash immediately.

Frankly Speaking

Frank's Blog from Westminster

04 March 2015
May I please salute our local voluntary groups and churches who are stepping up the fight against...
25 February 2015
Following my campaign, Everton Football Club have announced that, beginning in this month’s...

Frank's Campaigns

Rip-Off Britain
Frank is campaigning against a series of rip-off charges facing ordinary people, and which add to the poverty premium faced by poorer households
The Home Secretary has asked Frank to lead an evidence review for the proposed Modern Slavery Bill
Investigating the root causes behind hunger, food poverty and demand for food banks
Cool Earth
Protecting rainforests to help combat climate change
Liverpool City Region Child Poverty and Life Chanc
Seeking sustainable solutions to child and family poverty
Cash Machine Charges
Campaign for More Free Cash Machines in Deprived Areas
Combatting human trafficking in the UK and around the world
Foundation Years Action Group
Promoting the vital importance of the foundation years
Balanced Migration
Cross Party Group on Balanced Migration
King James Bible Trust
Celebrating the 400th anniversary of 'The Book That Changed The World'
Poverty and Life Changes
In 2010 Frank chaired the Review, reporting to the Prime Minister
The Pensions Reform Group
Ending pensioner poverty

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