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Press Release - 18 July 2016
Food bank
Birkenhead’s MP Frank Field today publishes details of where children in Birkenhead can access free meals and fun during the Summer holiday.
Article - Published in The Guardian - 15 July 2016
MP says former owner of collapsed retailer must guarantee entitlements of all pensioners, not just some
Article - Published in Wirral Globe - 14 July 2016
Wirral Globe
Organisers and users of the Foundation Years Trust were invited to London to meet HRH The Duchess of Cornwall who has been the patron of the charity since 2015, when she visited the Birkenhead to see the charity’s work at first hand.
Article - 13 July 2016
Food bank
I hope this particular blog on Unequal Britain will form the first of a series of weekly contributions to the debate on inequality in this country.
Press Release - 12 July 2016
LJMU fellowship
Birkenhead’s MP Frank Field has today received an honorary fellowship from Liverpool John Moores University for his outstanding contribution to the Liverpool City Region and its constituents.
Article - Published in The Guardian - 09 July 2016
Older women are having to sell their homes, go without essentials and rely on their own elderly parents because of the unfair way changes to the state pension age have been made, according to Labour’s Frank Field.
- Published in New Statesman - 08 July 2016
New Statesman
Ms Sturgeon is the biggest loser from the successful Leave campaign. There is no way the EU will consider a membership application from Scotland when the UK leaves. Spain, for one, is not going to allow Scotland to join, and see Catalonia set in hand the disintegration of Spain within the EU.
- 06 July 2016
Almost 150,000 former Labour voters crossed over to Ukip at the 2010 election. Five years later, at the 2015 election, this number had increased to nearly a million.
Press Release - 06 July 2016
Commons Chamber
What is now clear is the total incompetence of Tony Blair in launching a war and having no plan for the day after the Iraqi regime was overthrown. That gigantic political error resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of Iraqis, as well as 179 British soldiers.
Press Release - 06 July 2016
Food bank
The MPs write: ‘In casting their vote in favour of Leave, the plea coming from many hundreds of thousands of Labour supporters to politicians was twofold: to deliver an improvement in living standards that has escaped them in the past decade of globalisation, and to regain control of our country’s borders. We very much hope that, should you win the Conservative leadership contest, you will act on their wishes.'
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