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Article - Published in Sky News - 12 September 2016
Sky News
The Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy confirmed that the minister has written to MP Frank Field in response to his concerns over the treatment of workers at the company, and assured him she would be flagging the issue to HM Revenue and Customs.
Press Release - 12 September 2016
Commons Chamber
Frank wrote to the Prime Minister on the basis of complaints made to him by couriers who deliver parcels for Hermes. In response, the Prime Minister has acted by asking the Parliamentary Under Secretary for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Margot James, to invite HMRC to begin inquiries.
Article - Published in The Sunday Times - 11 September 2016
Sunday Times
Frank Field, the welfare campaigner and chairman of the Commons work and pensions select committee, blamed universities and the government for the emergence of a graduate “precariat”.
Article - Published in The Guardian - 11 September 2016
The ministerial intervention came as 78 current and former Hermes couriers made further complaints about alleged working practices. Frank Field, the Labour MP and chairman of the House of Commons work and pensions select committee, will on Monday send a dossier containing their claims to Theresa May, the prime minister, requesting government action to increase protections for self-employed workers in Britain’s fast-growing “gig economy”.
Article - Published in The Guardian - 11 September 2016
Frank Field’s recommendations include courier companies guaranteeing a minimum daily or weekly rate of pay to self-employed drivers, allowing couriers to genuinely negotiate their pay and workload, and placing the duty to find cover for rounds in the hands of the company, rather than the courier. He is calling for workers to receive at least one month’s notice of big changes to their workload, a written contract detailing pay rates and bonus schemes, and a new government code clarifying when someone should be classed as self-employed, a worker or an employee.
Article - Published in The Times - Red Box - 07 September 2016
The Times
How the borders are controlled is a crucial question and it sets the temper for the whole of the Brexit negotiations. There is no point at all in slamming the brakes on. The electorate wishes to see Brexit being implemented as a crucial staged part of bringing the total numbers of new arrivals down.
- Published in The Guardian - 06 September 2016
British ministers are not going naked into the negotiating chamber. If the EU wants with good reason to maintain open borders on trading goods, as it is so much in their advantage, then they will need to concede similar access to services.
- Published in The Times - 05 September 2016
The Times
I reported to the prime minister in 2010 that there was an alternative to the Rowntree approach, centring on life chances. The report, The foundation years: preventing poor children becoming poor adults, highlighted interventions that could equalise the life chances of poor children, and that were more powerful than the impact of income and class. These are the mental health of the mother, the bond between mother and child, and the home-learning environment.
Article - Published in The Times - 05 September 2016
The Times
Frank Field said that combining housebuilding with apprenticeships would fulfil the pledge made by Theresa May to include the whole country in a new economic policy.
Press Release - 02 September 2016
Food bank
The Feeding Birkenhead campaign which is spearheaded by the town’s MP, Frank Field, is equipping primary schools with the supplies they need to set up or maintain free breakfast clubs for the new term.
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