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Article - Published in International Business Times - 02 April 2014
MPs have launched an inquiry into hunger and food poverty in the UK after the use of food banks dramatically increased.
Article - Published in The Sun - 01 April 2014
Rip-Off Britain
Frank's campaign wins an early victory but reveals more rip-offs that hit the poorest hardest
Press Release - 01 April 2014
Commons Chamber
Frank has today launched the All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Hunger and Food Poverty in Britain, which he is co-chairing with the Bishop of Truro, Tim Thornton.
Article - Published in The Sun - 31 March 2014
Rip-Off Britain
Frank campaigns in The Sun to get fair deals for Britain's poorest households
Article - Published in Wirral Globe - 24 March 2014
Wirral Globe
Frank Field is demanding Government action to provide comfort for 6,000 children in Birkenhead who are missing vital support to keep their homes warm.
Press Release - 24 March 2014
Commons Chamber
Frank has written to the Energy Secretary, Ed Davey MP, demanding answers on how the Government will improve its Warm Home Discount to ensure all those who should benefit from the scheme are able to do so
Article - Published in The Guardian - 17 March 2014
Universal Jobmatch set to be jettisoned after Frank found it was carrying a series of fake, repeat or fraudulent jobs ads
Press Release - 13 March 2014
Commons Chamber
Frank welcomes Sir George Bain's endorsement of a higher minimum wage in those sectors of industry that would find it easy to meet the increased wage bill
Press Release - 12 March 2014
Commons Chamber
Frank says: “The appeals process has always been a solitary success of the flawed WCA process. But this has been put under enormous strain. Vulnerable claimants who should not even have had to appeal in the first place have been whacked for millions of pounds to compensate for errors made by Atos and DWP. These claimants should be compensated immediately.”
Press Release - 11 March 2014
Commons Chamber
Frank and the Leader of Wirral Council, Councillor Phil Davies, have launched a strategy to boost the earnings of low paid workers across the North West.
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