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Press Release - 05 January 2016
The Save Woodside Ferries Action Group has been reassured by Merseytravel that no decisions over the future of Mersey Ferries will be taken this week.
- Published in The Guardian - 04 January 2016
Each of us has ideas on representing Labour in parliament, but we’ve long ceased to be on a collective journey. To win we must regain the ability to respond to what people see as their fears and hopes, not what we think those fears and hopes should be.
Article - Published in International Business Times - 22 December 2015
Only once the United Kingdom has a clearer idea on the numbers of our fellow citizens going without food on a regular basis, can we then mount an effective campaign for the elimination of hunger on these shores by 2020.
Article - Published in Wirral Globe - 22 December 2015
Wirral Globe
In a bid to save the Woodside terminal, Birkenhead and Tranmere ward councillors Jean Stapleton and Phil Davies, along with the town's MP Frank Field, are inviting residents to add their name to a petition
Article - Published in Daily Mail - 21 December 2015
Daily Mail
Frank Field, co-author of Fixing Broken Britain?, warns it will be ‘incredibly difficult’ to meet the demand for homes while population growth is driven ‘almost exclusively’ by immigration. Calling for a big rise in housebuilding, he says construction skills shortages should be tackled by training 74,000 unemployed youngsters rather than by importing cheap workers.
Article - Published in Daily Mirror - 21 December 2015
Frank Field, the Labour chair of the Commons Work and Pensions committee, said the scheme would curb immigration, slash welfare costs and end the housing crisis
Article - Published in Daily Express - 21 December 2015
Daily Express
Frank Field calls for a housebuilding programme using home-grown workers rather than imported labour.
Article - Published in BBC News - 21 December 2015
BBC News
Labour MP Frank Field said: "The government is betting the farm on universal credit but that will not be fully implemented for several years... The department must not neglect the existing system in the hope that universal credit will save the day. On the contrary, it must do more to improve delivery now."
Article - Published in BT News - 21 December 2015
BT News
Tens of thousands of young benefit claimants should be trained as builders to curb immigration, slash welfare costs and end the housing crisis, a senior MP has suggested.
Article - Published in Liverpool Echo - 21 December 2015
Liverpool Echo
MP says student-style loans should be provided to put people through a 10-week apprenticeship
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