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Article - Published in Daily Mirror - 18 June 2015
Iain Duncan Smith will now be forced to be under scrutiny from Labour's Frank Field, who served as a welfare reform minister under Tony Blair
Article - Published in BBC News - 18 June 2015
BBC News
Labour's Frank Field said relocating Parliament to the North of England would "change the face of Britain as we know it".
Article - Published in The Times - 15 June 2015
The Times
Labour MPs are demanding a “trapdoor mechanism” to allow the parliamentary party to drop a failing leader before an election. The veteran parliamentarians Frank Field and Margaret Hodge and six other MPs have called for the rule change, inspired by the Conservative party constitution, which allows the Tories “to ruthlessly shove aside” floundering leaders.
Article - Published in The Guardian - 14 June 2015
The all-party parliamentary group on hunger has written to ministers asking for councils to be given powers to specify the provision of basic items such as a fridge and a two-ring electrical hob as a condition of landlords being able to let to tenants in receipt of housing benefit.
Article - Published in Mail on Sunday - 14 June 2015
Daily Mail
I’ve written to eight senior fellow Labour MPs asking them to back a change in the Parliamentary Labour Party’s rulebook which would give us a similar despatching policy as the Tories have.
Article - Published in The Independent on Sunday - 14 June 2015
I propose a three-point plan of action against child hunger during the school holidays.
Article - Published in The Independent on Sunday - 14 June 2015
Frank Field MP, who co-chaired the all-party parliamentary inquiry into hunger and food poverty, said: “We could by the next school holiday cut these figures in half if the Department for Work and Pensions were to pull its finger out. The idea that families are able to wait weeks and weeks for their first benefit payment when they’re down on their luck is lunacy.
Press Release - 11 June 2015
BBC News
Frank says today ‘the Government should move to cut the hardship it is imposing’, as a report published by the Social Security Advisory Committee (SSAC) warns that Universal Credit will deal a ‘demoralising blow’ to people who have just lost their job.
Article - Published in Wirral Globe - 11 June 2015
Wirral Globe
BIRKENHEAD MP Frank Field has described the Government's refusal to ditch a policy making the recently unemployed wait up to six weeks before receiving a benefit payment as "lunacy."
Press Release - 10 June 2015
Commons Chamber
Birkenhead’s MP Frank Field will challenge the Labour leadership hopefuls to drive forward the child poverty agenda, in a speech tonight.
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