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Article - Published in Liverpool Echo - 10 September 2014
Liverpool Echo
Frank says he wants the chair and the CCO to stay away until the CCG is re-built, and added: “This vindicates the move I made calling for an inquiry which shows the huge handicap under which our CCG has been operating since the word go.
Article - Published in Wirral Globe - 08 September 2014
Wirral Globe
Frank has pledged to ensure veterans in his constituency are not alone in their battle with blindness by supporting a charity's new campaign.
Press Release - 05 September 2014
Commons Chamber
Frank today continued his fight against the Bedroom Tax by voting in the House of Commons to exempt vulnerable tenants from the ‘vicious’ measure.
Article - Published in Wirral Globe - 03 September 2014
Wirral Globe
Frank was speaking during a House of Commons debate on the issue
Press Release - 02 September 2014
Commons Chamber
Frank was speaking in a House of Commons debate on the issue following a concerted campaign to end what he has called an ‘outrageous tax on people visiting the sick’.
Article - Published in Wirral Globe - 29 August 2014
Wirral Globe
Frank is calling on the Government to "get serious" about its target for cutting the rate of persistent child poverty in Merseyside.
Article - Published in The Daily Mail - 28 August 2014
Daily Mail
Frank says, ‘Anyone up in court and found guilty should be deported. Why should we put up with people who are breaking our laws?’
Article - Published in The Northern Echo - 28 August 2014
Northern Echo
An alarming divide in the numbers of eligible youngsters not receiving free healthy dinners has emerged during a parliamentary inquiry into hunger and poverty. Now that inquiry is exploring whether struggling families in wealthier areas are less likely to claim the meals because of a fear of being stigmatised.
Article - Published in The Sunday Times - 26 August 2014
Sunday Times
Frank says the results on Universal Credit are particularly worrying because so far the reform has involved only single people and couples with relatively straightforward circumstances.
Press Release - 26 August 2014
Frank opened the event and thanked the organisers for their efforts
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