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Article - Published in Wirral News - 25 December 2013
Wirral News
Since April, over half a million people have used Trussell Trust food banks, which is triple the number for the same period last year.
Article - Published in Daily Mirror - 25 December 2013
More than 30,000 people did not receive their benefits on Christmas Eve, after a Government error
Article - Published in The Times - 16 December 2013
The Times
We have helped the Government draft the initial Bill and Theresa May has made an excellent start. But no country has beaten modern slavery with criminal legislation alone. We also need better protection for victims. The final Bill, informed by our report, must be as comprehensive as possible.
Article - Published in The Spectator - 12 December 2013
We know that what happens to us in our first couple of years of life will determine our success, not only academically and economically, but socially. While good schools are important for lots of reasons, they cannot achieve the miracle that comes from early nurturing trumping nature.
Article - Published in The Guardian - 10 December 2013
Frank tells the Guardian that hardship being faced by families reflects already established trends that have been made worse by welfare reform
Article - Published in The Metro - 10 December 2013
Metro Newspaper
Frank says he should think about raising wages if he needs more staff and work with the government to take on people on benefits.
Article - Published in BBC News - 10 December 2013
BBC News
Frank has asked the Solicitor General to review their sentences
Article - Published in The House Magazine - 29 November 2013
Although Britain's Overseas Territories cannot enjoy full membership of the Commonwealth, Frank Field calls for greater recognition for the territories
Article - Published in The Guardian - 28 November 2013
Labour MP Frank Field, chair of the newly-formed all-party group (APPG) on hunger and food poverty, has written to the environment secretary Owen Paterson demanding that he publish the report "as a matter of urgency".
Article - Published in Wirral Globe - 22 November 2013
Wirral Globe
Frank says the shocking case of three women held as slaves in a London property underlines the crucial need for a new Modern Slavery Bill.
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