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Article - Published in Daily Telegraph - 07 November 2014
Frank is calling for an inquiry into the roll-out of water meters after research indicates millions are losing £100 a year after switching
Article - Published in Wirral Globe - 04 November 2014
Wirral Globe
The town’s MP Frank Field says it is time the system favoured decent people instead of “yobs”.
Article - Published in Daily Mirror - 01 November 2014
Labour MP Frank Field has written to all 20 top-flight clubs demanding action as not a single one has committed to giving all staff £7.65 an hour
Article - Published in Wirral Globe - 31 October 2014
Wirral Globe
BIRKENHEAD has become the "Beirut of the north", says Frank Field as he declares war on the yob culture that he says is destroying the town.
Article - Published in Liverpool Echo - 30 October 2014
Liverpool Echo
Gangs and nightmare neighbours have long been an issue in Birkenhead and last month town MP Frank Field called on the council and police to do more to protect victims.
Article - Published in Liverpool Echo - 28 October 2014
Liverpool Echo
MP Frank Field has now called on hospitals in the area to provide more certainty for nurses and patients
Article - Published in Wirral Globe - 28 October 2014
Wirral Globe
Frank Field’s plea follows the publication of Children of the Recession, which shows child poverty rates have risen in the UK, but fallen in 18 other countries including Poland, Germany and Canada - blaming low pay and benefits cuts.
Article - Published in Wirral Globe - 28 October 2014
Wirral Globe
Birkenhead MP Frank Field said: “Local people know their NHS is desperately short of money, and staffing levels are critical. Hospitals are having to plug the gaps by paying sky-high amounts for temporary workers."
Article - Published in The Independent - 27 October 2014
One hundred hospitals and other NHS employers within the Foundation Trust sector spent £1.3bn on agency and contract staff in 2013-14, two-and-a-half times more than the £523m planned spend, according to figures obtained by the senior Labour MP Frank Field.
Article - Published in Liverpool Echo - 23 October 2014
Liverpool Echo
Birkenhead MP Frank Field has stepped into a council row over a payout for whistleblowers after he said a senior officer was paid £48,000
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