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Article - Published in Wirral Globe - 14 July 2014
Wirral Globe
Riverbank Nursery in Woodside is owned by the Department for Work and Pensions. It was built to provide on-site nursery provision for staff working at the Birkenhead branch of the Child Maintenance Group. But its users have now been told by the government department that it is closing the facility in September to cut costs.
Article - 10 July 2014
Frank Field MP, who has shepherded the Modern Slavery bill through Parliament, wants the Churches to launch a new abolition campaign. The Churches "can mobilise big numbers still" in terms of activists and signatories for petitions, the Labour MP told a conference at the Legatum Institute this week.
Article - Published in The Spectator - 09 July 2014
The Labour MP Frank Field and Isabel Hardman discuss the government’s Modern Slavery Bill and whether it goes far enough.
Article - Published in Wirral Globe - 09 July 2014
Wirral Globe
Birkenhead MP Frank Field was the guest of honour at the opening of St Catherine’s Community Centre - situated in the grounds of St Catherine’s Health Centre on Church Road, Tranmere – and showcased some of the activities and support being offered to local residents.
Article - Published in The Spectator - 09 July 2014
Working- and lower middle-class voters have serious and justified concerns about the impact of this mass immigration on their lives and on our society. They are the ones bearing the costs of fierce competition for school places, pressure on maternity units, creaking transport services and longer waiting lists for housing.
Article - Published in Wirral People - 07 July 2014
Birkenhead MP Frank Field praised the dedication and hard work of a team of local volunteers as he officially opened Wirral’s newest community centre last week – St Catherine’s Community Centre.
Article - Published in The Guardian - 07 July 2014
Reliance on emergency food banks for people in extreme need has exploded in the past four years. A group of MPs want to find a solution – if only they can agree on the cause. Meanwhile, the people who actually run food banks are much less divided
Article - Published in The Guardian - 30 June 2014
A mega funding crisis is beginning to engulf the NHS that will change the service out of all recognition. It could spin the service into a residual poor law-type institution. A £2bn deficit is forecast to rise to an annual £30bn deficit within seven years – a cool one-third of the current budget.
Article - 26 June 2014
Frank's chapter on Wilfred Owen, from 'Only Remembered', edited by Michael Morpurgo
Article - Published in Wirral Globe - 25 June 2014
Wirral Globe
The new St Vincent De Paul (SVP) store in the town’s Pyramids Shopping Centre was opened by Birkenhead MP Frank Field
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