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Article - Published in The Times - 09 June 2014
The Times
Frank calls on the government and supermarkets to work together to emulate the success of France and Spain in ensuring that surplus food goes to poor families
Article - Published in Wirral Globe - 09 June 2014
Wirral Globe
It was only when Birkenhead MP Frank Field and Wallasey MP Angela Eagle put pressure on the Home Secretary that the children were allowed access to the UK.
Article - Published in New Statesman - 03 June 2014
New Statesman
By promising to save the most popular public service from a funding crisis, Miliband can craft a potent dividing line with the Tories.
Article - Published in The Guardian - 03 June 2014
Ex-Labour minister says plan to raise 1p in national insurance should incorporate changes to tax system to make it fairer
Article - Published in The Times - 03 June 2014
The Times
“We live in a country where people are hungry yet we are using taxpayers’ money to destroy edible food,” Frank tells the Times
Article - Published in The Independent - 02 June 2014
Ed Miliband and Ed Balls have agreed new manifesto pledge, and increase could be funded by hike in national insurance contributions
Article - Published in The Times - 02 June 2014
The Times
The all-party parliamentary inquiry into hunger and food poverty, which has the backing of the Archbishop of Canterbury, called on leading retailers to cut the amount of surplus food disposed of in landfill, turned into compost or fed to animals by 100,000 tonnes by the end of the decade.
Article - Published in The Observer - 01 June 2014
Party is losing working class, say senior MPs
Article - Published in Health Service Journal - 28 May 2014
Frank sent a letter to Jeremy Hunt criticising the relationship between “senior members” of the CCG and Wirral University Teaching Hospital Foundation Trust and calling for an inquiry into the matter.
Article - Published in BBC News - 28 May 2014
BBC News
Frank tells the BBC that the UK must make clear what it wants from future negotiations, including restrictions on the free movement of people across the European Union.
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