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Article - Published in The Metro - 10 December 2013
Metro Newspaper
Frank says he should think about raising wages if he needs more staff and work with the government to take on people on benefits.
Article - Published in BBC News - 10 December 2013
BBC News
Frank has asked the Solicitor General to review their sentences
Article - Published in The House Magazine - 29 November 2013
Although Britain's Overseas Territories cannot enjoy full membership of the Commonwealth, Frank Field calls for greater recognition for the territories
Article - Published in The Guardian - 28 November 2013
Labour MP Frank Field, chair of the newly-formed all-party group (APPG) on hunger and food poverty, has written to the environment secretary Owen Paterson demanding that he publish the report "as a matter of urgency".
Article - Published in Wirral Globe - 22 November 2013
Wirral Globe
Frank says the shocking case of three women held as slaves in a London property underlines the crucial need for a new Modern Slavery Bill.
Article - Published in Huffington Post UK - 21 November 2013
Huff Post
Evidence is currently being reviewed by parliamentary group for a proposed Modern Slavery Bill, led by Frank
Article - Published in Daily Mail - 07 November 2013
Daily Mail
Frank said: ‘Labour should show the courage to scrap this monster of a project and provide voters with a real and positive alternative - a something for something welfare state with National Insurance at its heart and a cap on means-tested benefits.’
Article - Published in The Guardian - 29 October 2013
Field's proposal to replace the welfare state with giant mutual insurance schemes that pay out when you put in might just chime with Ed Miliband's thinking
Article - Published in Huffington Post UK - 18 October 2013
Huff Post
Labour MP Frank Field formally launches evidence review for the Government’s Modern Slavery Bill
Article - Published in The Guardian - 16 October 2013
Trussell trust urges David Cameron to launch in-depth inquiry into causes of 'scandalous' levels of food poverty
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