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Article - Published in The Guardian - 17 February 2015
This is not about blaming poor people for their poverty but better understanding how the behaviour of parents affects their child’s outcomes
Article - Published in Wirral Globe - 17 February 2015
Wirral Globe
BIRKENHEAD MP Frank Field has revealed 'all is not rosy' with the Government's welfare reform, as constituents struggle to cope with Universal Credit.
Article - Published in Liverpool Echo - 11 February 2015
Liverpool Echo
Frank Field writes to Premier League boss suggesting he force clubs to "share their success" with staff
Article - Published in The Guardian - 09 February 2015
Labour MP Frank Field said there should be an immediate review of public spending on housing, to increase building and reduce the UK’s housing benefit bill
Article - Published in The Guardian - 07 February 2015
The only Premier club to have made a firm commitment to pay a living wage to all its staff is Chelsea. Outside the top division, Hearts in Edinburgh, Luton Town and FC United in Manchester (a club owned by disaffected supporters of Manchester United) have made similar pledges, which, as Frank Field points out, suggests that poorer clubs are keener to be fair than those bloated by record-breaking TV and sponsorship deals.
Article - Published in Liverpool Echo - 28 January 2015
Liverpool Echo
Chilcot inquiry was launched in 2009 but its findings are not expected to be unveiled until after the general election
Article - Published in Liverpool Echo - 27 January 2015
Liverpool Echo
Birkenhead MP Frank Field slams Government record on spending for children, saying it is "crucial to life chances"
Article - Published in The Independent - 21 January 2015
Its moves were welcomed by Frank Field, the former minister who led the Feeding Britain inquiry into growing levels of hunger across the country, as a step toward a “fairer deal for the poor”.
Article - Published in Daily Express - 13 January 2015
Daily Express
A SENIOR MP was praised by constituents last night after being so disgusted by his town’s rising gang violence he suggested feral yobs be “warmly shaken by the throat”.
Article - Published in BBC News - 12 January 2015
BBC News
Parents are to blame for anti-social behaviour in Birkenhead, said the town's MP after joining police on patrol.
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