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Article - Published in BBC News - 06 March 2014
BBC News
The government's Universal Jobmatch website "is bedevilled with fraud and, in its current state, it is out of control", a senior Labour MP has said.
Article - Published in International Business Times - 06 March 2014
Labour's Frank Field, who is demanding an inquiry into the system, said one scam is for jobseekers to be asked to pay a £65 fee upfront for Criminal Records Bureau checks only to later discover that no job or company exists
Article - Published in Channel 4 News - 05 March 2014
Channel 4
The government's Universal Jobmatch website continues to list potentially bogus and duplicated job ads, despite our recent investigations into its misuse.
Article - Published in Wirral Globe - 03 March 2014
Wirral Globe
Frank wrote to the practice: “You are the only practice in Merseyside that still uses a higher rate 0844 telephone number for patients to call about an appointment, meaning they are have to pay extra to subsidise the practice."
Article - Published in The Tablet - 01 March 2014
Even without the rising tide of benefit sanctions, and the broken-backed DWP who cannot even deliver benefits on time for those who clearly qualify, do food banks witness a breakdown in our welfare state safety net?
Article - Published in ITV News - 27 February 2014
Frank says the strategy "has learnt nothing from the mistakes of the past."
Article - Published in Daily Mirror - 27 February 2014
Social mobility and poverty Tsars Alan Milburn and Frank Field accused his Government of a lack of policy and criticised internal bickering
Article - Published in Sunday Times - 24 February 2014
Sunday Times
Following the Minister's admission, Frank said 'This is a major change in the government’s stance, from total denial to the beginnings of an acceptance that something terrible is happening to many poor people in Britain.'
Article - Published in Wirral News - 24 February 2014
Wirral News
Frank has renewed demands for a public inquiry and encouraged Merseyside Police to join the investigation.
Article - Published in Daily Mail - 20 February 2014
Daily Mail
Frank says the awful truth is that huge numbers of unemployed young people either don’t try, or lose out to new arrivals eager to work
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