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Article - 20 October 2015
Commons Chamber
The House of Lords will consider a motion that refuses to approve the tax credit changes properly until the House of Commons has been able to have a full debate on their consequences. That opportunity now arises when Commons backbenchers have their own debate and motion for approval next Thursday.
Article - Published in Labour List - 20 October 2015
George Osborne may unwillingly have gifted Labour a detonator with which it can blow up the Tories’ 2020 election strategy.
Article - Published in Evening Standard - 20 October 2015
Evening Standard
David Cameron and George Osborne’s current plan would betray millions of hard-working poorer families
Article - Published in Daily Mirror - 20 October 2015
George Osborne is refusing to u-turn on the tax credit cuts. Labour MP Frank Field says he must and shows how
Article - Published in The Guardian - 19 October 2015
Frank Field, chairman of the committee, said: “These reforms have been in operation for six months now: it is evident that that has been long enough for the scammers to get going, working on defrauding people out of their life savings – it should be long enough for government to have published some data about how the reforms and the attendant guidance and advice are working.”
Article - Published in Liverpool Echo - 19 October 2015
Liverpool Echo
A committee of MPs chaired by Birkenhead’s Frank Field has warned that pensions could become the next mis-selling scandal.
Article - Published in Huffington Post - 19 October 2015
Huff Post
Labour MP Frank Field, who has been leading efforts to stop the tax credit changes, will on Tuesday seek a backbench debate and vote on his own alternative plan, which he says is ‘cost-neutral’ but could spare the worst impacts on the poorest.
Article - Published in The Sun on Sunday - 18 October 2015
Rip-Off Britain
Frank proposes three reforms to the Chancellor's cuts to tax credits
Article - Published in The Sun - 17 October 2015
Rip-Off Britain
In a huge U-turn, the Tory candidate for London Mayor is backing a call by Labour campaigner Frank Field for changes to the £4.5 billion benefit cuts to protect the poorest families.
Article - Published in The Guardian - 16 October 2015
Frank Field said: “George Osborne simply won’t come clean about the impact of these cuts in April on Britain’s lowest-paid workers. He’s trying to bamboozle his way out of a corner by saying ‘eight out of 10 working households’ will be better off overall by 2017-18. But it is doubtful that any of the tax credit claimants affected by these cuts will be among this group. Might he now publish a proper reckoning of the impact of these cuts on the nation’s strivers?”
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