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Article - Published in The Guardian - 15 December 2015
If the government is serious about reducing the number of hungry children, it should adopt my bill compelling local authorities to register all children who are eligible for free school meals
Article - Published in Financial Times - 10 December 2015
The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Hunger and Food Poverty, chaired by the Labour MP Frank Field, called on the government to make sure welfare benefits were paid in full and on time and to make sure that utility payment meters did not overcharge. It also called on the government to divert a fifth of any money raised in a sugar tax to feed hungry children during the school holidays.
Article - Published in ITV News - 10 December 2015
Archbishop Welby said it was a "tragedy" that people were still going hungry, while senior Labour MP Frank Field called on the prime minister to take urgent action.
Article - Published in Wirral Globe - 10 December 2015
Wirral Globe
A CROSS-party group of MPs and Peers will today publish a "route map" towards ending hunger on Merseyside and across the UK. Chaired by Birkenhead MP Frank Field, the group ran its first report - Feeding Britain - a year ago which documented unprecedented hunger in post-war Britain.
Article - Published in The Guardian - 10 December 2015
Labour MP Frank Field, chair of the all-party parliamentary group on hunger and a co-author of the report, criticised the government for failing to show urgency in tackling a problem he called “a huge national disgrace”.
Article - Published in Church Times - 10 December 2015
Church Times
The group’s chairman, Frank Field, the Labour MP for Birkenhead, described the situation set out in the report as a “mega national scandal”. Children were going to bed hungry, he said. “I don’t sense anger in the tummies around the Cabinet table.”
Article - Published in BBC News - 10 December 2015
BBC News
Labour MP Frank Field is chairman of a Commons committee which has warned of children going for days without a meal. Its Feeding Britain report, backed by the Archbishop of Canterbury, proposes a tax on fizzy drinks to fund food projects during school holidays.
Article - Published in Liverpool Echo - 10 December 2015
Liverpool Echo
Mr Field and a cross-party group of MPs and peers call for a levy on sugary drinks to fund food programme
Article - Published in Daily Mirror - 10 December 2015
Frank Field MP's comments came as a landmark, cross-party report warned of children going for days without a substantial meal
Article - Published in Daily Telegraph - 10 December 2015
We must put the security of our realm at centre stage and look again at Labour's identity card scheme
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