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Article - Published in The Daily Telegraph - 22 December 2014
Frank Field, a former welfare minister, says neither Ed Miliband, his own leader, nor David Cameron, has done enough to answer public anger about mass immigration
Article - Published in Newsweek - 22 December 2014
“What has shocked people is the number of men and women on minimum wage levels who are hungry,” says Frank Field, the Labour MP who is a driving force behind Feeding Britain. “How do we move to a fair living wage?”
Article - Published in IBTimes UK - 19 December 2014
The report of the All-party Parliamentary Inquiry into Hunger in the United Kingdom, Feeding Britain, has recommended that to tackle food poverty and curb reliance on food banks, benefits should be delivered faster – within five working days.
Article - Published in Standpoint Magazine - 18 December 2014
St George
The Scottish referendum result in September has well and truly pushed Humpty Dumpty off the constitutional wall, where he has been precariously perched since the Scotland Act of 1998. And, as in that nursery rhyme, there is no prospect of putting Humpty Dumpty back together again in any recognisable form. So where next with the various pieces that lie strewn across the political battleground?
Article - Published in Liverpool Echo - 15 December 2014
Liverpool Echo
One in five households in Merseyside uses a pre-payment meter which costs 10% more
Article - Published in Wirral Globe - 15 December 2014
Bernard Bryning Wirral Mencap
Birkenhead MP Frank Field visited Wirral Mencap on Friday to present Bernard Bryning with an award for long service.
Article - Published in Daily Mirror - 08 December 2014
Labour MP Frank Field, who led the inquiry, said: “There’s clear evidence that something disturbing is happening. People are near the abyss and the smallest event can tip them over that abyss.”
Article - Published in Wirral Globe - 08 December 2014
Wirral Globe
A new strategy aiming to abolish hunger across the nation is to be piloted in Wirral. The radical scheme is the result of a far-reaching inquiry led by Birkenhead MP Frank Field.
Article - Published in The Spectator - 08 December 2014
Frank Field just about managed to hold together a cross-party consensus on the need to tackle hunger in this country at the launch of the ‘Feeding Britain’ report. At the end of the launch, at which Justin Welby and all the politicians involved spoke, the Labour co-chair of the inquiry said brightly ‘there you have it, a range of views and yet we have a united report!’
Article - Published in The Times - 08 December 2014
The Times
The Archbishop of Canterbury is right to encourage food banks. Welfare spending is not the only answer to poverty
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